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No success with other soft bond adhesives?? Endura Bond is the solution for you! Endura-Bond (EB) is specially formulated to be skin-safe and is our strongest adhesive. It is considered a "hard bond"- allowing for extended wear and it is also water resistant. Unlike other adhesives, which may break down when exposed to moisture, Endura-Bond cures when exposed to sweat, water and humidity. Beginners should take caution, as the hold is so strong- there is no much room for error. USE SPARINGLY! Only use a very thin bead around the perimeter of your lace wig. We recommend applying with a point as thin as a toothpick rather than using the bottle's applicator. Because EB dries very hard, it can be difficult to remove from fragile lace caps.

Special Note:

Use ENDURA BOND REMOVER to clean residue from wig. Try Olive Oil to gently remove Endura-Bond from the skin, Use Endura-Bond Remover to clean any residual adhesive from the attachment.


Once opened, store Endura Bond in refrigerator to prolong life.

*Hold time can vary based on application method and/or amount of adhesive applied.
*Skin Test recommended prior to usage.
*Not recommended for sensitive skin.

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